The Parent Teacher Student Association supports numerous programs and activities.  These Grants and Programs are able to be funded thanks to the generous support of our PTSA members and the community. Thank You.  Below are the latest funded grants and programs: 

2018-2019 academic year
 $125-MCTA Turkey Trot support towards scholarships
$500-Dina Rose: Art/Brooklyn Graffiti workshop and Street Tour
$450-Dina Rose: Art/The Memory Project
$150-Dina Rose: Olympics of the Visual Arts
$600-Andrea Donals: filed trip to a live cultural performance
$478-Eric Frend: 2 LED lights for coral aquaculture
$500-Mary Roberts: LGBT conference at Stony Brook
$500-Amy Csorny: common read book purchase
$500-Pat Arslanian: common read book purchase
$500-Dina Rose: Adopt me pet portraits
2019-2020 academic year
$264Caroline Wells: Lunar New Year cultural connections
$512.61-June Hamilton:  Daily Living skills/ home ec appliances etc  $125-Lydia Burns: MCTA Turkey Trot support for scholarships
$275-Dina Rose: Annual artist/student mentor day


Other PTSA Supported Programs and Events Include:

Staff Appreciation Breakfast – parents showing gratitude to the high school staff

Scholarships awarded to the graduating seniors who demonstrate the PTSA ideals of service, character, leadership and achievement;  last year $5,000 was given in total

PTSA student volleyball tournaments – organized by the PTSA student liaisons

Funds to pay for the centerpiece materials at the prom

Organized the pre-prom festivities – refreshments, photographer, joining together as a community (the flowers  were donated by Keil  Nurseries)

Funds to pay for a Junior High Ice Skating party in Greenport

Annual Fashion Show, this year featuring nearly 100 senior models

Refreshments  provided for the Junior High and High School back to School Nights

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